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«Flowers of Udmurtia»


Retail chain «Flowers of Udmurtia» includes 6 shops in different districts of Izhevsk. The first shop was opened more than 35 years ago. Since 2004 the chain has worked under brand AM Flowers.
Our shops are glad to offer:
– wide assortment of cut and bed flowers, the most of which are grown by local producers;
– exclusive bouquets and bouquets for every day;
– wedding decoration, wedding cars decoration, bride and guests bouquets;
– soil and fertilizers for gardens and pot plants, ceramic and plastic pots, cards, souvenirs and more;
– delivery.
Our advantages:
– individual approach to each customer and his wishes;
– experienced florists who can realize your wildest floristic ideas;
– it is easy to work with us, cause we talk one language with our clients and can help to make your favorite people happy;
– we appreciate your time: our florists do amazing bouquet in the shortest time, so you always be on time with it.

Contacts in Izhevsk:
– Kommunarov str., 212, tel.: +7(3412)51-40-19;
– Kommunarov str., 244, tel.: +7(3412)65-91-65;
– Sovetskaya str., 41, tel.: +7(3412)78-60-74;
– Gorkogo str., 63, tel.: +7(3412)65-97-56;
– Klubnaya str., 62
– Voroshilova str., 109а, tel.: +79128703374